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Not only do clean carpets look better and last longer, but having clean carpets throughout your home avoids a number of unpleasant side effects associated with dirty carpeting. Cleanpro in Cleveland presents three reasons to keep your carpeting clean.

Eliminate Trapped Pollutants

Not only does...
Creating a comfortable and tidy environment in your house is a full time job; there’s always something to do, but in the end the great reward of living in a pleasant place where you and your family feel happy is priceless. 

However, there is a small detail that can ruin all your efforts and...
Creating the environment you want in your home requires time and a little bit of elbow grease. But in the end of the day, all your efforts will be rewarded with a tidy and comfortable place. However, all this hard work can be ruined by one simple thing: that lingering odor.

Air fresheners only...
Think about your day for a minute; you wake up, go to work, visit the grocery store and many other activities that take place in public places. Do you know how clean they are? Your shoes will collect all the germs from the streets, you will bring them home and they’ll probably end up on your...
Like any other thing out there, carpets can get ruined if you don’t take care of them correctly. For example, one of the ends can become loose, which isn’t only an unsightly incident, but it can also be hazardous! 

If you want to fix this yourself to avoid falls, this post by Cleanpro...

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