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Sneezing, running nose and itchy eyes are just a few symptoms of allergies -  it all starts when our immune system confuses an allergen with a potential threat.

The reasons why develop allergies are still unclear, however there are many things you can do to reduce their annoying symptoms. For...
The benefits of professional carpet cleaning are countless: it removes bacteria and extend the fiber’s life. Unfortunately, there are some people out there who, impersonate carpet cleaners to trick customers to hire their services

Beware of those companies that deliver a poor service and are only...
Your vacuum cleaner is a fundamental appliance to keep your carpet and upholstery in excellent conditions. However, it’s very easy to neglect it - It’s probably been a long time since the last time you gave it proper maintenance, so it can continue doing its great job and avoid expensive...
The benefits of exercise are countless; it helps to prevent diseases, it improves our mood and it keeps our weight in control. However, having a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy after a long day at work - you probably won’t have enough time or desire to go to the gym. 

When time is not enough,...
As mentioned in a previous post, blood is one of those substances you never want to find in your carpet. This is because they have great stainful power and because it means that there was an accident and somebody got hurt. 

So, if a mishap occurs at home, and there’s a bloody mess, Cleanpro...

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