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Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on our lives and enjoy our family and friends as well as a delicious dinner. Sadly, in all that movement and hecticness, your carpet may be the one to suffer. Things get dropped, drinks get spilled and carpets take the hit.

We’re told to act quick but...
Carpets are the glue that hold your house’s decor together. They are warm, cozy, and they add texture to your floors.That’s why many choose a white carpet: it looks luxurious, clean, and it gives your home an expensive look.

Still, as you may already know, a white carpets are stain magnets. Every...
The snow has arrived to Cleveland! And, while this means fun games and beautiful scenery, it also brings a lot of hassle with it! From cleaning the entryway, to dealing with slippery roads, snow can be a pain!

The thing is, it doesn’t end there. A lot of the time, our house’s cleanliness also ends...
 At CLEANPRO Cleveland we take carpet cleaning seriously. We understand that carpets play a very important role in the look and feel of your home space. We also understand that carpets are long-term investments and they should be taken care of as such. There are some simple tips that you may...
A clean looking carpet is essential to maintain a balanced and wholesome office space or household. It can really say a lot about your company or family, so when a spill happens upon our beloved (but difficult to clean) carpet, it’s no wonder that we cry, anger and assign blame of the terrible...

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