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How to Care for Your Vacuum and Your Carpet

Your vacuum is one of the most important cleaning tools for your carpet and it needs to be at its best in order to help keep your carpet in a good state. If your vacuum is not properly working you will definitely struggle to clean your carpet and it...

The Effects of the Summer on Your Carpet

No matter what kind of carpet you have, it is always important to keep it in good conditions. As we mentioned in another post, a dirty carpet not only affects how your home looks but it can also lead to air pollution that causes allergies. The summer can...

Carpet Cleaning Concerns and How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help

You may think that air pollution can only be found outdoors, but this is not exactly true. The type of pollution that is found indoors and outdoors may be different but it doesn´t mean it is less. Indoor air pollution includes...

How to Build a Carpet Cleaning Routine

Carpets suffer the most wear in our home, even if we are not home all that much and not a lot of traffic is coming in they still absorb dust and dirt particles that easily make its way deep into the carpet fibers. Keeping your carpet clean can become a...

Vacuuming Advice to Leave Your Carpet Cleaner and Better Than Ever

The most noticeable thing when you walk into a home is the floor, this is the one thing that can make your house look clean or unattended.  However, with so much on our schedules and so little time it can be hard to...

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