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Start Carpet Cleaning in a Practical and Efficient Manner

The problem with many carpets is that they usually don't look all that dirty until they have prominent dirt spots or old stains that seemed to be taken care of but start getting darker with time. Since even air carries dirt and dust...

Clean and Healthy Carpet with CLEANPRO Professional Carpet Cleaning in Peninsula

While carpets can provide resilient padding beneath tumbling toddlers, and a warm, cozy surface for children playing on the floor, they can also release dust and fumes that cause sniffles, headaches, and other...

Unexpected allergy culprits

The changing weather brings on a new allergy season but don't blame your watery eyes and runny nose entirely on the pollen.

Allergy Proof Your Pillows

Dust mites flock to this allergen breeding ground. The warmth and humidity of your body encourage dust mites to...

Cleaning Pet Hair on Upholstery

If you have cats or dogs, or both, You know that pet hair clings to stuff tighter than a squirrel with a nut in the dead of winter. Most of us are left on our hands and knees, with a roll of tape, going over every inch of each surface.

Use Rubber Gloves

Remove pet...

Remove Odor and Spots From Set in Pet Stains

For stains that have already set, odor and repeat offensives are likely. It's best to clean the spot asap, but sometimes we don't see these little "gifts" until they have dried. Here are a few simple steps you can take to minimize the damage that's...

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