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It’s estimated that Americans consume around 400 millions of coffee everyday, as it provides you with the boost you need to start your day. However, this beverage also accounts for some spills that may end up in your carpet. For this reason at Cleanpro in Cleveland, we created the following post...

How to Prevent Carpet Odors

Maintaining your carpets in great shape doesn't have to be a tough task. Simple but regular maintenance should be enough to keep them looking their best and smelling great. However, sometimes accidents occur and your carpets will need a little more attention. Here...
 When it comes to soda, our kids can get a little excited and before you know it - stains! But kids being kids doesn’t mean that you have to always look at soda stains.  In addition to our previous tips on removing beer stains, In this post, Cleanpro Cleveland and Akron will show how to...
Keeping your carpet clean while having your pet around may seem like an impossible task, as they account for many odors and stains in your home. However this doesn’t mean your carpet has to be a mess, as there are many ideas that can help you create a pet-friendly home. For this reason at...
 It’s no secret that your vacuum cleaner is the best way to remove dust and other debris from your carpet, which keep the fibers in perfect condition and it can expand your carpet’s lifespan. If you are currently looking to replace your appliance, there are many options in the market and you...

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