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Unexpected allergy culprits

The changing weather brings on a new allergy season but don't blame your watery eyes and runny nose entirely on the pollen.

Allergy Proof Your Pillows

Dust mites flock to this allergen breeding ground. The warmth and humidity of your body encourage dust mites to grow in bed pillows, no matter what type of stuffing they have. Either trade old pillows for new ones annually or encase pillows in allergy-proof covers that you wash once or twice a month in hot water. The most allergy-resistant, comfortable cases are made of tightly woven fabric that's impermeable to dust mites and feels good to the touch. Check out your options at The National Allergy Association.

Bathroom Mat

Stepping out of the shower may be bringing on your sneezing and wheezing. Trapped moisture in the bath mat causes dust mites and mold to thrive. Choose a washable mat and clean it weekly. After a shower or steamy bath, hang it up and open a window or run the fan.

Refrigerator Door Seal

This rarely cleaned germ zone is an easy place for mold to thrive. As you transfer food in and out of the refrigerator, moisture, crumbs, and spills can build up in the crevices of the door seal and encourage mold to flourish there. Wipe the seal with a mixture of mold-zapping bleach and water weekly. Use a cotton swab to get into the grooves and clean them thoroughly.

Carpet Cleaning in Cleveland

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