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It happens to everyone: you get so caught up in your daily life, that you may neglect some of the different maintenance jobs that need to get done around the house. For example, you may forget if your carpeted floors are due a professional deep clean. This is why, if you are currently in this situation, you can use the five steps mentioned below to figure out if your flooring is in need of carpet cleaning in Cleveland.

Does Your Carpet Need a Professional Deep Clean?

Use Your Nose

Take deep breaths in. Can you smell your carpet? Is your home emitting horrid or unfresh smells, no matter how much you clean it? If you even get a hint of nastiness, humidity or a moldy scent, have your carpet professionally cleaned. 

Use Your Eyes

It’s easy to get used to the stains, moldy spots and discoloration in our carpets. However, if you want to figure out if your carpet needs a good wash, look intently at it. If there are some unsightly stains in it that won’t go even if you clean it yourself, call an expert team. 

Use Your Hands

Our carpeted floors are supposed to feel soft and cozy to the touch. Test out your carpet by giving it a pat with your hand. If dust flies up, you feel dirt/moisture in your hands, or there are lumps all over your carpeting, get it deep cleaned. 

Use Your Strength

For this next step, you’ll need to use your strength to move your furniture and upholstery around. If you find any dents or discoloration in your carpet, make sure to restore it as soon as possible with a reliable company.

Use Your Memory

Lastly, you need to take a trip down memory lane. Try to remember when was the last time that you had your carpet professionally cleaned. If you realize that it was well over half a year ago, then the time to do it again is now.

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If after following the steps above, you’ve noticed that your carpet is dirty, contact Cleanpro Cleveland Professionals. They’ll be able to make your carpet as good as new with their unique ion exchange process. Call for more information, or to schedule an appointment with the best team in town.

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