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Carpets come in all kinds of textures, fibers and lengths to create the look and style you want to transmit.

If you are thinking about getting a new carpet, here at Cleanpro Cleveland Professionals, we created this quick style guide, that may be useful when you are making the decision.  

These Are Some Of The Most Common Carpet Styles


This style offers one of the most traditional yet elegant looks, very pleasant to underfoot touch. It’s perfect for bedrooms or to complement any other section of the house. 


This carpet is a warrior! Casual yet durable! It takes all kinds of use: footprints, vacuum marks you name it! Ideal for every room in your house.


Great for a fun and informal look! If there is a word to describe this carpet it would be: Endurance. Its high durability makes it perfect for those areas with a lot of traffic in the house. 


This carpets are distinguished by its size! Often made out of nylon which makes it extra though and are a great choice for hallways, staircases or living room.  


The tread of this carpet is thick and long, which makes it wonderful to the underfoot touch, but be careful! It’s not made for a rough use, so your bedroom or a quiet living room should be good place for it. 


This carpet is made from the fibers of a plant and it could be expensive, yet there are a few synthetic options for it. You can find it with textures and patterns and remember to keep it away from sun and water! 

It doesn’t matter which style you choose! They all reflect your touch and personality you want for your home, that’s why it's important to keep your carpets tidy. If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Cleveland, make sure to call the Cleanpro Cleveland Professionals where we know everything about how to keep your carpet as if it was brand new! To know more about us please call (330) 657-2113.

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