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We’re constantly suggesting that if you want to have a clean carpet, you should vacuum it on a regular basis. But really, what does this even mean? If you’re ready to make a commitment to keeping a clean carpet, but are a little bit confused about when and how you should it, don’t worry. Cleanpro Cleveland Professionals are here to guide you and help you out!

When and How to Clean Your Carpet


Whenever a spill, accident, or another mishap puts your precious carpeting in danger, act fast and work on fixing the situation to avoid any substances from grabbing on to your flooring and creating a nasty stain. Remember to use the appropriate method depending on the type of stain.


Lightly vacuum one room in your home a day to keep any dust at bay and prevent it from building up. Likewise, go through and clean the entryway, hallways and other high traffic areas in your home.


Once a week thoroughly vacuum all of the carpeted areas in your home to lift off dust, dirt and other substances. If you’d like a bit of help in this department, follow our guide on how to vacuum effectively.


We’re sure that there are some hard-to-reach carpeted areas in your home. However, don’t forget that they should be cleaned too, which is why, once a month, you should move heavy furniture around and vacuum those often neglected spaces.


Despite your best efforts, you can bet that after a while, you’ll start seeing spots and noticing dust buildup in your carpet. This is why you should wash and deep clean it yourself every two months to keep it in mint condition.


Lastly, remember that if you want your carpet to be spotless and to last you a very long time, you should have it professionally deep cleaned about twice a year to strip it from dust, stains, bad odors, bacteria and more.

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Steam cleaning can be an ineffective method to clean your carpet, and may take several hours or even days to dry up (which can lead to mold growth). This is why, if you’re looking for a professional team that delivers results, you can trust in Cleanpro and our carpet cleaning system. Call (330) 657-2113 for more information about our services!

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