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 A previous post about the toughest stains to remove from a carpet mentioned ink as one of the worst offenders, and with good reason! It has the power to really grab on to the fibers in your flooring and not letting go. However, if you find an ink stain in your floor, know that not everything is lost! You can try cleaning it up by following the guideline in this post.

How to Clean Ink Stains in Your Carpet

Rally Up Your Cleaning Supplies

To clean up that nasty ink stain successfully, you’ll need:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Pieces of clean cloth
  • A towelWarm water
  • Vinegar
  • Shaving cream

Start with the Alcohol

You want to act fast and clean the ink as soon as possible to avoid it from setting in. Grab a clean piece of cloth and pour a bit of rubbing alcohol on it. Then, start dabbing the affected area to lift the stain. Just avoid scrubbing, as this can help the stain penetrate your carpet.

Wash It Off with Water and Vinegar

Once you’re done removing most of the stain, you’ll notice that your carpet seems a little bit dry. To fix this, mix vinegar and warm water, and with another piece of cloth, blot the affected area. This will renew your carpet and eliminate any traces of ink left behind.

Turn to Shaving Cream

If despite your best efforts, you still notice the stain in your carpeting, try using shaving cream. Believe it or not, by applying some over the ink and letting it act for a few minutes, it’ll be able to absorb the stain. Again, wash it off with water and vinegar.

Let It Dry

After you’ve succeeded, you will need to allow your carpet to dry thoroughly if you want to avoid mold growth. Use a dry towel to absorb some of the moisture. At the same time, let some air in by opening windows and doors.

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