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After that spill you acted quickly and you removed the stain like a true professional, you are satisfied with the results and you go to bed thinking that the stain is gone but in less than 24 hours it reappears. This is even more dramatic after a shampoo or rinse cleaning method used by traditional carpet cleaners.

Don’t worry, this is known as ‘wicking’ and it happens very often and as you know your carpet is prone to get stains during special occasions. That's why at Clean Pro in Cleveland we have a few tips that will help you to get rid of that stubborn stain for good.

Here's How You Deal With an Immortal Stain

Prepare Your Cleaning Solution 

You will need a small bucket filled with water, add a teaspoon of liquid soap and mix it. 

Let’s Get To It

Pour some of the solution into the affected area, just the right amount to soak the area and make sure not to flood it. Let it settle for a few minutes and in the meantime go and get a clean cloth.

Always Rub, Never Scrub

Start rubbing carefully the area in a circular motion, remember to start from the outside to the inside. You will have to be extra careful, a vigorous motion could untangle or damage your carpet fibers.


Use a clean cloth or paper towels to press down the stain. For better results stand on the stain or place a heavy object on it. This will help to extract the stain that settled in your fibers. 


Use your vacuum cleaner to continue with the extraction of the stain and the remaining moisture. This may take a while and could be exasperating but be patient! Good things take its time.  

These simple tips will hopefully help you to say good bye to that annoying stain and if you are through with traditional carpet cleaners, try Clean Pro

We have an extraordinary cleaning system that’s eco friendly, dries in 1-2 hours and gives you unbelievable results! If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning in Cleveland make sure to contact us at (330) 657-2113.

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