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If you’ve ever experienced a flood in your home, then you know the hassle it can be, and how tedious the cleanup is. If you’ve got wall to wall carpeting in your home, then you were likely especially preoccupied with ensuring your carpet was dried properly. As you know, carpet that remains damp for an extended period of time is extremely susceptible to mold, and once your carpet has mold, it’s almost impossible to salvage it. That being said, Cleveland Cleanpro would like to assist you today by providing you with a few tips to drying your carpet well. Once the carpet is dry, you may notice some dirty and grime that was left behind. To fix that, consider getting your carpet cleaned by the professionals. For carpet cleaning in Cleveland and Akron, contact us. 

Minor Leaks and Floods

If the carpet is only wet in a small area, let’s say just beside the outside wall or just under the fish tank that leaked, you might be able to get away with towel drying the affected area. You’ll want to use old towels and apply pressure to the area. You can always use a blow dryer to help speed along the process. Be careful if you choose to do so, and ensure you’re not stepping in the wet area while using this source of electricity. 

Entire Room or Home Floods

Now, if you’ve got a much larger flooded area to deal with, using towels to dry it up is not likely to do the trick. 
  • Your first step is ensuring you remove any standing water from the room. You can do this by using a broom, if the carpet has short fibers. It’s recommended that you get a wet vac. You might already have one of these of your own, especially if your area is prone to floods. If you do not own one, don’t worry. They’re fairly easy to rent. 
  • Next, you’ll need to peel the carpet back, don’t forget to peel back the padding too if the flood reached it, remember that mold often starts in the padding so it is essential that it is dried too.
  • Depending on how large the room or affected area of carpet, you may need to go about the drying process in stages.
  • You’ll want to put chairs or stools under the carpet and padding so that they’re held in the air.
  • You’ll then place fans on the outside edges and under the carpet. However, if you place fans under the carpet, be sure not to leave the area unattended.
  • You can move the fans about strategically to dry the carpet.
  • Be patient as this process will take at least a day to complete.

It’s important to know that one of the reasons mold forms on wet carpet is due to the dust and dirt found within the carpet fibers. Therefore, you’ll also do well to make these dust prevention tips a part of your common practice. Whether your home has been flooded or you’re just seeing some everyday dirt showing up on your carpet, remember us for carpet cleaning in Cleveland and Akron. Give us a call to schedule your consultation and cleaning, (330) 657-2113. Remember, don’t just steam your carpets, clean your carpets.

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