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How to Build a Carpet Cleaning Routine

Carpets suffer the most wear in our home, even if we are not home all that much and not a lot of traffic is coming in they still absorb dust and dirt particles that easily make its way deep into the carpet fibers. Keeping your carpet clean can become a hassle and a frustrating chore, but it really doesn´t have to be. It tends to become a long and tedious job when we let the dirt and grit accumulate over a few days, and then when we finally get around to vacuuming or spot-cleaning the job is overwhelming. Taking small and simple steps towards a cleaner carpet every day is an easy way of staying on top of this crucial chore.

Build a Carpet Care Routine

It is important that you have a routine regarding the care and cleaning of your carpet, this will make it easier for you to tackle high maintenance areas and other parts of carpet cleaning that are otherwise overlooked until the problem is predominant. Building a carpet care routine means that the necessary carpet care task are divided and it becomes easier to deal with each one individually. There are several things that need to be done routinely to keep the carpet at its best, a few of those include; vacuuming, applying carpet cleaner protector, and cleaning in hard to reach carpet areas such as under furniture and in the corners of the rooms.

4 Things That Need to be Done Routinely For a Cleaner Carpet

  1. Vacuuming. Vacuuming is the task that needs to be done most often, in high traffic areas it may even be necessary to run the vacuum daily. However, there are times that it is not required as much and in those cases, it is best to consider quality over quantity. This means that it may be better to thoroughly vacuum three to four times a week than to do a really quick on the surface vacuuming session every day. To read more about how to get the most out of your vacuuming chores, visit the previous post here. Vacuuming should be on the top of your carpet care routine list and is best done 3-5 a week, depending on several factors.
  2. Stain removing. Removing stains and other dirt spots is a job that needs to be dealt with as soon as an accident happens. Leaving the stain for later can make it harder to remove. Sometimes, stains go unnoticed until later or they are not found until you come back home from the weekend outing, this does not mean they are permanent but it can make them more difficult to deal with. Some stains that seem to be taken care of may even become darker with time. That is why it is important to regularly check your carpet for stains and other dirt spots that may have gone unnoticed, such as those in rooms or areas that are not used as often. Make sure that you spot check all carpet areas at least once a week to see if any stains are present or if any old ones are darkening.
  3. Professional carpet cleaning. If your weekly stain spot checks have proven that your carpet does indeed hold several problem areas that are making your carpet look unclean, then it  may be time to get the carpet professionally cleaned. Not all professional cleaning systems are created equal. At Cleanpro Cleveland, we use a highly efficient and safe process based on the ion exchange process. This provides incredible results without the need for harsh chemicals, rather it uses organic, environmentally friendly materials that are completely safe for your family and pets, and provide fast and deep cleaning results. Professional carpet cleaning should be done at least twice a year and if you have pets or children it is recommended every 4-5months. Contact Cleveland Cleanpro today, and have your carpet looking better than new in no time.
  4. Applying carpet cleaner protector. Once you have a clean carpet and looking like new, it is important to do your best to keep it that way. Using carpet cleaner protector after it has been thoroughly cleaned can truly help prolong the carpet´s cleanness. Cleanpro Carpet Protector makes it much easier to deal with future spills and stains and other types of dirt coming into your carpet. It facilitates clean-up and improves your cleaning efforts.

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