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Cleaning your carpets can help you extend their life, but over time you will have to replace them. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to get new carpets.

You Need to Get New Carpets Sometime

Regular cleaning and vacuuming can lengthen your carpet’s life. There will come the point where your carpets will need to be removed or replaced. Whether it be because your carpets are old or worn down, extremely dirty, or affected with mold, there are several reasons why carpets get deteriorated and must be removed. How will you know when it’s time to change your carpets? You will see some of these top signs.

Top Signs You Need to Let Your Carpets Go

Deep set stains: A professional carpet cleaner can help you get rid of deep set stains, but even they can’t do miracles. If your carpet looks more like a Dalmatian than a carpet, it’s time to replace it. Carpets often come with a stain-resistant finish, but it will fade away over time. Covering your carpets with your furniture is not enough, sometimes you need to face the truth and let your carpets go.
Wear and tear: Whenever we step on a carpet, we force dirt and dust deeper into the carpet fibers, as time passes the threads might start to tear.  A pro can fix some small tears, but if the damage is severe, you will need to replace the carpet.
Odor: It’s common for pets to have accidents on the carpet. Most of the time cleaning the area will get rid of any leftover smell, it’s not that common for the odor to linger If there’s a nasty odor coming from your carpet, it means that it’s profoundly set into the carpet fibers, carpet padding or the subfloor. It might even mean that there’s a mold problem. The best and cheapest option, in this cases, is to remove the carpet entirely.
Mold: Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do when you’re dealing with a mold problem, but replace the carpet. Biological substances and moisture can promote mold growth. If you notice your allergies flaring up, dark spots on your carpets, or a moldy smell you’re probably dealing with mold.

For Professional Carpet Cleaning in Cleveland

Not sure if your carpets need to be replaced? Have them professionally cleaned by the experts at Cleveland Cleanpro. A good carpet cleaning should fix most of its problems, if not, the pros will let you know. Give them a call at  (330) 657-2113 to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment.

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