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Professional Carpet Cleaning can Help Your Carpet Last Longer

Your carpet is a big investment, you should be able to get the most out of it and keep it around for a while. However, there comes a time where it is necessary to consider whether it needs to be replaced or not. Today, we want to share some of the reasons a carpet needs to be replaced and how to avoid getting to that point too soon.

Top Reasons a Carpet Needs to Be Replaced and How to Prevent This from Happening Too Soon

  • Aged carpet. The number one reason why carpet should be replaced is when it has aged and ran its course of durability. Many carpets only last around 3-5 years and higher quality carpets around 6-9. If given the right care and exceptional maintenance a carpet can last around 10 years before needing to be replaced. Yet, it also all depends on the wear and uses it gets and the type of cleaning methods you use on your carpet. Steam cleaning your carpet can sometimes reduce your carpet´s durability because it may leave moisture behind causing it to create mold or to eventually wear off the carpet fibers even further. The best professional carpet cleaning method is the Cleanpro System. It leaves your carpet thoroughly clean without compromising the carpet fibers or using harsh chemicals. Cleveland Cleanpro can help keep your carpet in the most incredible shape for longer. They will treat your carpet with the utmost care and efficiency, contact them today.
  • Air pollution and allergens. New carpet has more resilient fibers and material that somewhat helps to repel against allergens and dirt particles. However, as the carpet gets older and the fibers wear out they become more prone to absorb higher amounts of dust, dirt, and allergens. After a while even vacuuming is not enough to suction out all the accumulated dust and although professional carpet cleaning helps a lot the carpet will get to a point where it is best removed. Do not risk the health of your family of your carpet has accumulated dirt and other allergens. If you notice that even after regular vacuuming and care your family members seem to have more frequent or abundant allergy symptoms then it might be time to seriously consider replacing the carpet.
  • Carpet padding. The carpet itself is a pretty stiff layer of fibers and  fabric materials. Underneath is the support of the actual carpet. This support is called the carpet padding and is what gives the carpet a cushioning sense of comfort when you walk on it. It also improves different aspects of the carpet allowing it to make a room better insulated. Carpet padding should be resistant but with wear and time, it also deteriorates. Spills and other accidents can reach deep inside the carpet and make its way into the carpet padding making it wear out and lose resiliency. When the carpet starts to become uneven or wrinkly and stiffer, it is a sign that the padding has aged and the carpet most likely needs replacement.
  • Odors. Bad smells and odors that do not go away even after you have thoroughly cleaned the area may be indicators of something more serious. The best thing you can do is to deal with any pet pee or other stains and spills immediately. If this does not get rid of the smell it is likely that it has penetrated very far down into the carpet fibers. In most of these cases having the carpet professionally cleaned should remove the other and most of the stain. However, if you do not deal with this on time it can get so deep down into the carpet padding and subfloor that it can start to create mildew and other bacteria growth that is very hard to get rid of. If the area is not very large it might be able to be restored with the help of a professional. However many times it spreads quickly and penetrates several areas and the best option is to remove the carpet. If you notice a constant odor that won´t go away, don´t ignore it and have it checked out immediately before it starts to ruin your entire carpet.

Avoid Premature Wear on Your Carpet With  Professional Carpet Cleaning

In order to prolong the durability and keep the appearance of a new carpet for longer, you need the help of Cleveland Cleanpro. Their effective carpet cleaning system helps care for your carpet and helps maintain it in great conditions. Call them today at (330) 657-2113 .

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