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Preparing to Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned 

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned is something that takes off a great burden off your shoulders. It makes cleaning your carpet easier and it is a great way to restore it to a like-new condition while having someone else do all the tough work. However, there is still a few things you might want to make sure you get done before your professional carpet cleaner arrives. 

How to Prepare Your Home for a Professional Carpet Cleaning Visit 

Learn about the cleaning method they use. Consider the type of cleaning method that will be used and ask if it is safe for your children and pets to be around. Some pets are not comfortable around certain cleaning methods that provoke certain smells or noises. Cleveland Cleanpro uses ion-exchange technology which makes it the safest and most effective carpet cleaning method on the market. The ion-exchange process is ecological safe and completely harmless to pets and children. Keep your carpet extremely clean and your environment safe, contact Cleveland Cleanpro today at (330) 657-2113. 

Find a designated spot for young children and pets. If you have pets or young children let the carpet cleaner know ahead of time. This is not only important for their visit but also so they can consider what kind of stains and spots they might be treating and be well prepared. You and your carpet cleaner may not want young children or pets running around the home while applying solutions and cleaning the carpet. Plan ahead for them to have a spot where they can be entertained in. You may also decide to have your carpet cleaned at a time when they are not home, in which case you can schedule the appointment accordingly. 

Clear the area of furniture and fragile items. Even if the service you hired includes clearing the area of large furniture you may still want to take matters into your own hands and move out any plants, chairs, lamps or other fragile items. If there is large furniture pieces that need to be moved out of the way you should find out if the carpet cleaner will move it or if you need to take care of this ahead of time. Fragile items that are displayed are best put away. Usually, carpet cleaners will make their best effort to be gentle and delicate with your things but it is a good idea to prevent any incidents by removing delicate items. 

Pick up all floor items. Make sure that there isn't a mess of toys or a bunch of items lingering around the carpet floor. It is important to remember to pick up all items off the floor and put away shoes, small trinkets, waste baskets or other things that may be left on the ground. The carpet cleaner has a long and arduous task ahead of them it is not logical for them to also have to pick up. It is also not time efficient to pick up when they get there. They will be more efficient in completing their task if the area is cleared from a mess ahead of time. Make sure that you also put away or lift up any tapestries, drapes or curtains that can get stuck in the tools needed to clean the carpet. 

Inspect the carpet. Go through all carpet areas in your home and keep track of those pesky spots that are harder to clean. If there are any less visible spots and stains make a note of them and try to remember what caused them so the proper treatment can be applied. The carpet cleaner will also want to do an inspection upon arrival but it will be much easier and efficient if you already know what areas of concern you need to point out. 

Make room for their vehicle. It is much more convenient for the carpet cleaner to park their vehicle near your house so they can quickly get their tools and equipment and have what they need at hand. Try to ensure that family cars are not obstructing their path and that they can easily reach your home s entrance. 

Get Professional Results in No Time with Help from the Best Carpet Cleaning Experts in Peninsula

Above all, it is important to communicate your doubts and concerns with the carpet cleaner. Talk to them before they begin working and let them know if there are any areas you want them to focus more on. Cleveland Cleanpro has the friendliest most professional carpet cleaning experts. Call them today at (330) 657-2113 let them make your carpet look as good as new in no time.

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