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Summer is here: it’s the best time for pool parties, barbecues, and gatherings in general. Obviously, with these festivities people will be over at your house frequently. They will be sitting on your furniture and dragging in dirt with their shoes, they will be adding to the regular wear and tear of your carpeting. You will be having a great time, but your carpets and upholstery probably won’t. Cleveland Cleanpro in Peninsula, the best carpet cleaners in town, would like you to give your carpets a good treatment too.  Read of for some summer carpet cleaning and care tips.

Shoes Off!

Establish a rule of no shoes inside the house… that goes for guests too. If you’re not comfortable asking your guests to take off their shoes before coming in, at least invest on a doormat for them to thoroughly wipe off their shoes. Place a shoe rack close to the front and back doors to prevent muddy or dirty footprints getting all over your carpets and floors. You can even have inside shoes or slippers for them.

Place Limits

In case there is a party being thrown at your home and people do go inside your house, you could consider closing off or restricting access to some of areas in your home, especially carpeted areas.  By simply closing the doors or politely asking your guests to avoid that area, you are greatly helping your carpets stay clean.

Summer Rains are to Blame

Many of us love rainy summer days, some of us like to go out and feel the raindrops, while others prefer to stay inside. This means TV or indoor games, and definitely eating and drinking. You should try to keep the latter activities away from carpeted areas just to avoid crumbs and spills. If you must be around carpets and a spill does occur, clean and dry it as soon as it happens to prevent it from setting. Rain means the humidity and dampness levels are going to be higher. It’s important to have a good airflow or air conditioning around your carpets as a wet carpet can smell unpleasantly and develop mold. It’s very important to keep it properly ventilated during the rainy summer months.

Think About Your Health

Summertime is the ideal time to clean your carpets. Did you know that around 85% of dirt is buried deep into your carpet? Much of that dirt has been piling up over the winter and spring months. Perhaps that dirt is making you sick. Having your carpets cleaned during the summer can take away dirt, pollen, mites, and other materials that are threatening your health. Hire professional carpet cleaners in Peninsula like Cleveland Cleanpro to get rid of many of these allergens. Since you will be spending a lot of time outside basking in the summer sun, there probably isn’t a better moment to hire professional carpet cleaners. Cleveland Cleanpro in Peninsula professional carpet cleaning is the best summer treat you can give your carpet. Call them at: (330) 657-2113 and ask them about their ion technology. Enjoy your summer days and let them do the work.

After the Party

If you had a party and had all those guests walking around your house, grinding more dirt into your carpeting, it’s time for damage repair. Be extra attentive vacuuming after the party, instead of a beater brush, which may spread stains, use the suction cleaning tool. If there are any grass stains on the carpet, use a white towel with cold water to blot it up. Many of us are clumsy around food and party scenes are no exception. Many of your guests will spill something on your carpets; if they are kind enough they will give you a warning so you can clean it up right away. You should remember every type of food and drinks you served at the party and what ingredients they had in order to know which cleaning method you should use. Regardless of the stain, the steps in taking care of it are basically the same. Use a damp white towel to blot the area; don’t rub at it because the stain might spread. By diluting the stain with cold water you are preventing it from spreading. Some stains and spills might require special cleaning products.

For Professional Carpet Cleaning in Peninsula

If you are going for a professional carpet cleaning in Peninsula this summer, the best decision you can make is to call the experts at Cleveland Cleanpro. By using their ion technology in your carpets and upholstery, they will leave them fresh and clean. Give them a call at: (330) 657-2113  and explore more of their blog to learn about other carpet care tips.

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