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 Missing mold growth in your carpets is easy. It can be so subtle that you don’t see it until it becomes a severe problem. These are some warning signs that your carpet is harboring mold.

Mold Can Be Easy to Miss

The ideal home for mold to grow would be a dark and moist place in a room with little ventilation. Somewhere like carpets on damp basements or wet carpets in underneath a sofa. Sometimes mold is so subtle that you don’t notice until the problem is nearly impossible to fix and you have to let go of carpets. You should regularly inspect your carpet for these signs of mold growth.

4 Signs of Mold Growth

1.- Musty smells:
 Mold usually comes with a musty smell. Perhaps you’ve become so used to the smell you don’t even notice it, so pay attention if your guests comment on a musty smell in your home. You might be dealing with a mold problem on your carpets or walls.
2.- Spots:
While some spots and stains might be the result of spilled food, dried Play-Doh, or other unfortunate accident. If you suddenly notice some mysterious spots, it might be mold. Green, white or black spots on your carpets are an advanced sign of mold growth. A professional carpet cleaning can help you figure out if you’re dealing with mold or a simple stain.
3.- Affected health: 
Carpets can help reduce your allergy symptoms, but they can also cause flare-ups. If mold is growing in your carpets, your health might be affected. Some common signs are watery eyes, congested nose, allergies and a general feeling of tiredness. Usually, the symptoms go away as soon as you leave your home.
4.- Moldy walls: 
It’s obvious to believe that if there’s mold developing on your ceiling and walls, it’s growing in other places as well. Better check your carpet backing to make sure.

Prevent Mold Formation With Professional Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming and cleaning your carpets regularly can help you prevent mold growth. But if you suspect you are dealing with a mold problem, better call the pros. The carpet experts at Cleveland Cleanpro can clean your carpets and help you find a solution for your mold problems. Call them at (330) 657-2113 to learn more.

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