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Having pets is like having children: we have to care for them and clean after them, and in return we get unconditional love. Accidents are bound to happen, however; pets are animals and sometimes they have to listen to their nature. When that nature calling happens on your carpet, you may feel like it will never be the same again, no matter how much you clean. The carpet cleaning experts in Peninsula have a few tips for you to stop worrying about messy pets.

Fresh Stains

With fresh stains, you should blot up as much liquid as you can with a paper towel, obviously remove any solid waste first. Then, you should rinse the area with water and a bit of soap and dry again. After it dries, spray de area with water and vinegar, or use carpet friendly pet powder to neutralize the smell.

Set Stains

A mix of white vinegar and water can help neutralize de ammonia in urine so it doesn’t stain your carpet and your pet won’t "go" there again. Whatever you do, don’t use heat to clean those stains for it will only make them stay more and worsen the problem.


Sometimes, stains isn’t what you worry about: some pets shed a lot of hair. Shedding may cause your carpet to be weighed down and get smelly. You should vacuum at least twice a week to keep hair from accumulating. Use carpet powder for homes with pets to keep them smelling good.

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