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White carpets look gorgeous and elegant when first installed. Unfortunately, white is a magnet for dirt,and  even a little spot can ruin that clean look you were going for. However, white or light colored carpets actually show less dirt than darker shades, if cared for properly. Regular maintenance and immediately attending a stain when it happens, can keep white carpets looking like fresh snow. Check out these tips Cleanpro in Peninsula brings to you.

Cleaning a Stain

The sooner you clean a stain the better the chances of it going away. It may be annoying to have to clean immediately, but you will regret later if you don’t. Set stains require much more effort to remove. Better be safe than sorry! Work fast to keep pristine white carpets.
  • As soon as a liquid spill falls into the carpet, use a white or light colored terry cloth to absorb liquids, apply a gentle pressure to soak up the stain. Just blot! Scrubbing and rubbing may worsen the stain. Rinse the stained area with a little bit of water and then blot again.
  • Stains like soda, alcohol, milk, mud and latex paint are water-soluble stains, and they can be cleaned with a mix of water and white vinegar, a great natural carpet cleaner. Spray some of the mix on the dried stain and rub the area with a sponge. After that, dry it with paper towels.
  • Some other the stains like: blood, chocolate, coffee, wine, vomit and mustard can’t be removed with water and vinegar; these stains need an ammonia solution.  Mix 1 tablespoons of ammonia with one cup of water. If your carpets are wool or wool blend use a mild detergent instead of ammonia. Spritz on the dry stain, rub and dry.
  • Ammonia also works as a neutralizer for pee smells, in case your pet decided to use your carpet as a toilet.  Also, remember that even light colored white wine can leave a stain, the sugars in it can caramelize and over time discolor some patches, never leave it unattended.
  • Urine stains from your pets can be removed with white vinegar and detergent. Simply mix them together in equal quantities, spray it or pour it directly into the stain. After that, rinse it with clean water and blot it dry with paper towels.
  • In case some candle wax accidentally fell into the carpet, you should apply a little heat with an iron. The heat will lift the spill off the carpet and you’ll be able to stick it to a paper towel. Be careful not to overheat it because the carpet might burn.
  • Though you may be tempted, don’t use bleach on your light colored carpets. The bleach will damage the fibers in the carpet, remove the protective sealant it may have and eventually speed up the wear and tear.
  • Another solution for the most common of all spills, coffee, is making a paste with baking soda and a bit of water. The paste should be made according to the size of the stain, it has to look a little like toothpaste. With a clean cloth, apply the paste to the stain and let it sit for around 15 minutes. Finally, with another clean, damp cloth, dab it until the stain comes off.
Your white or light colored carpets will benefit from a profesional carpet cleaning in Peninsula. With our Ion Technology  here at Cleanpro in Peninsula will leave your carpets looking  amazing, so call us at (330) 657-2113.

Preventing Dirt from Setting

Take Off Your Shoes

Avoid wearing shoes when walking on the carpet. This is something you should consider for all of your floors, actually. Take off your shoes when you come in the door and ask your guests to do the same. You should keep your socks on, because bare feet give off natural oils that can remain on the carpet. You can also have indoor slippers by the door and spare ones for arriving visitors. 

Vacuum Frequently

Vacuum before surface dirt has a chance to set in the carpet. If possible ,do it daily if you have children or pets, but once or twice a week is perfectly alright as well.  Remember to change filters and vacuum bags often since the fuller they become, the less effective they are.

Keep Your Pets Clean

Keep your pet’s paws dry when they are inside. Clean and dry their paws as soon as they come inside the house. They are bound to step into the carpet, but you can train them not to do so until you’ve cleaned off their dirty paws.

For Professional Carpet Cleaning in Peninsula

The best way to keep those white and light colored carpets looking like you just installed them is to have them professionally cleaned. It may be once a year or it may be twice, just be sure to call Cleanpro in Peninsula at (330) 657-2113 to do it for you! Call if you'd like more information on our revolutionary cleaning system, or if you want to schedule a professional carpet cleaning in Peninsula.

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