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Like any other thing out there, carpets can get ruined if you don’t take care of them correctly. For example, one of the ends can become loose, which isn’t only an unsightly incident, but it can also be hazardous! 

If you want to fix this yourself to avoid falls, this post by Cleanpro Cleveland Professionals will tell you how to achieve it.

What to Do About a Loose Carpet

Get the Materials

- Knee Kicker
- Hammer
- Chisel
- Pneumatic Stapler
- Gloves
- Carpet Cutters

Pull Back the Carpet

First, you need to pull back the piece of loose carpet to expose the tackless beneath. Take it out carefully, since it’s filled with tacks and nails. Use your work gloves to protect yourself.

Position the Tackless and Hammer it Down

Place the tackless about half an inch from its previous position with the nails facing down. This will prevent it from slipping off again. Then, hammer it down in its new resting place.

Use the Knee Kicker to Extend the Carpet

Take the loose end of the carpet and extend it as much as possible. To do this correctly, you’ll need to use a knee kicker. Push the carpet with the kicker to help it stay as tight as can be.

Secure it In Place

Now that the carpet has been extended, you need the hammer and chisel to secure it in place. Make sure that the tacks grab firmly onto it to keep it from getting loose again. Then, get the pneumatic stapler and set the edges of the carpet in place.

Cut Off the Excess

If after you’ve extended and secured the carpet, there’s a bit of excess at the edge, don’t worry! You can cut them off with a carpet cutter. Just ensure that you don’t overtrim it.

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