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Carpet Cleaning Myths You Need to Be Aware Of

There is a lot of information on carpet cleaning and not all of it is true. Sometimes certain information can be misleading and it is important to be able to discern the truth from the carpet cleaning myths out there. Distinguishing between facts and fiction when it comes to carpet cleaning is not always a simple task but that´s why we are here to help and set a few of these myths straight.

Myth #1- All Carpet Cleaning Methods Are the Same.

This is a statement that could not be further from the truth. Not all cleaning methods are equally efficient and some are actually dangerous if not carried out with the utmost care. A few can actually be counter-productive because of the residues they leave behind. For example, some carpet steaming methods may enable mold growth because of the excessive moisture that build-up and isn´t always entirely extracted. The safest and most efficient methods are those that do not rely on moisture or excessive chemicals and that use environmentally friendly products. The Cleanpro system is an advancedion exchange process that deep cleans your carpet and leaves it looking like new. This is considered the best carpet cleaning method because quickly and effectively. It targets the filth, dirt, stains, and other accumulated particles that need to be eliminated and leaves your carpet healthier and cleaner than ever. Contact Cleveland Cleanpro right now and learn more on how they can efficiently meet all your carpet cleaning needs.

Myth #2- Wait to Get Your Carpet Cleaned Professionally Until It Looks Like It Desperately Needs It.

This myth is one of the most common ones out there because it can be quite prejudicial to both your carpet and home environment. Even if your carpet does not look filthy or stained it still needs to be regularly deep cleaned because there are many nocive particles and dirt that makes its way deep within the carpet fibers even if they are not immediately visible. A carpet that looks clean can still be full of small dirt particles that are constantly released into the air and that you and your family breathes. This can cause allergens and create an unsafe environment. Having your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis decreases allergens and other carpet dangers and makes your home environment more hygienic.

Myth #3-Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods Are Only for Removing Stains and Tough Spots.

It may sound logical to only call a professional after your carpet has suffered a lot of wear and filth which is too hard for you to remove. Sure professional carpet cleaning can remove tough stains and hard to remove filth but it should be part of your carpet´s regular maintenance and not a last resort. Postponing professional carpet care also means that harsher methods may be required in order to get good enough results. There is dirt build-up that may not be visible to the eye and that needs to be removed and dealt with before it starts to wear out the carpet and makes it more vulnerable to damage.

Myth #4 – Just Vacuuming Is Enough to Keep Your Carpet Clean and in Good Shape.

Although vacuuming is an essential and vital part of keeping your carpet clean, it is by no means enough to maintain it in good shape for very long. In order for your carpet to live its life expectancy and stay in good conditions, it needs more than just regular vacuuming. It needs professional care, constant spot removal, regular cleaning, and occasional carpet treatments. Accumulated dirt seeps into the carpet and decreases its durability. Lack of regular deep cleanings such as that offered by professional carpet cleaning services will wear out your carpet faster and even regular vacuuming is not enough to delay this. For more information on how to avoid premature carpet wear,read this post, here.

Avoid Falling into Dangerous Myths and Hire the Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Cleveland

The previously mentioned carpet cleaning myths should be avoided in order to make wiser carpet cleaning choices. Make sure you care for your carpet the right way with quality products and professional care. Cleveland Cleanpro is the best carpet cleaning service because it provides all of the deep cleaning benefits without any of the harsh chemicals or dangerous methods. The Cleanpro method is entirely safe and efficient because it uses environmentally friendly technology that treats your carpet with care and directly attacks filth and dirt.  Experience the incredible results that Cleveland Cleanpro can provide for your carpet. Call (330) 657-2113 now.

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