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Germs, microbes, bugs and microorganisms are all around us. However, if you have a dirty carpet at home, you may be contributing to their reproduction and growth which in the long run could result in health problems for you and your housemates. 

If you’d like to know more about some of the creatures that could be living in a dirty carpet, Cleanpro in Cleveland is here to provide you the information, so you can aim to keep your floors clean.

Organisms  in Your Carpet 

Bacteria: again, bacteria is pretty much everywhere, and while you may not be affected by it all the time, a dirty carpet provides the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to multiply.

Virus: these beings are designed to infect and attack the bodies of their hosts. Needless to say, it’s probably not a good idea to give them the required conditions for them to live and thrive!

Bugs: it’s nauseating to think about little critters roaming around our flooring, but if you don’t clean your carpet, this may be the case. Ticks, fleas, bedbugs and more parasites could be there laying eggs and waiting to find a host. 

Mold: this nasty little fungus smells horrible, looks disgusting and, if left to its own devices, can grow and cause a bunch of respiratory issues or allergic reactions in some people. 

For Carpet Cleaning in Cleveland…

If you want to make sure that your carpet is free of these organisms, call Cleanpro. We use the CLEANPRO® CARPET CLEANING SYSTEM, which guarantees that your carpet will be good as new in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner. Contact us at (330) 657-2113 for more information about our services and our revolutionary method.

And remember “Don’t Steam Your Carpets, CLEAN Your Carpets!”

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