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Germs, microbes, bugs and microorganisms are all around us. However, if you have a dirty carpet at home, you may be contributing to their reproduction and growth which in the long run could result in health problems for you and your housemates. 

If you’d like to know more about some of the...
Clean carpets can be warm, cozy, soft and visually appealing. However, if you want to keep them that way, you and those in your household need to follow a certain set of rules! If you need to lay down the law in your home to keep a nice carpet, Cleanpro in Cleveland has a suggestions in this...
Nothing compares to the feeling of arriving home after a long day, removing your shoes and being welcomed by the amazing underfoot comfort your carpet provides. In return, you only have to take regular care of it.

Removing dust and other particles that can harm your carpet’s fibers is a great step...
If you’ve had your carpets cleaned by a company using traditional steam-cleaning methods, you may well feel that carpet cleaning technology is inadequate. We here at Cleveland Cleanpro agree wholeheartedly and that’s why we’d like to tell you about the far superior alternative - the CLEANPRO system....
As with any home appliance, the sheer scope of vacuum cleaners available on the market can be daunting. Make sure you’re making the right choice by following Cleanpro in Cleveland’s guide to picking a vacuum cleaner.

How often will you use it?

If you vacuum daily, then a light-weight vacuum may...

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