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Your pet is already part of your family. You can bet that every time you get home, he/she will welcome you wagging its tail. In exchange, they don’t demand much - you simply have to take good care of them.

Perhaps one of the most annoying things for many dog owners is that many breeds of dogs...
Carpets and liquids don’t get along. The dampness may cause it to look and smell bad, plus, there’s the added risk of fungus growing on it! Still, accidents happen, and a leak, a spill, or a flood may have caused your carpet to end up looking like a swamp.

If this is the case, and you’re in panic...
At Cleanpro in Cleveland, we know that you are always looking at those small details that will make your home an unique place. That’s why we have a few ideas that will give to your space a special scent. 

There is a definite connection between some scents and remembering good memories. Now,...
Vacuum cleaning is like brushing your teeth: everybody does it, but there are only a few who do it the way it should be. As you know, vacuum cleaning is the easiest way to extend the life of your carpet, and it also removes dirt and its potential health problems

For this reason, at Cleanpro...
A baby brings joy to every home! Watching them develop into their own little person fills up our lives. However, there are a lot of things to take care of so that s/he can grow strong and healthy! Making sure that everything is as clean as can be is one of them because the baby will be crawling,...

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