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 If you are a non smoker you know how annoying and unpleasant cigarette odor can be and apart from the obvious health reasons, it also attaches easily to your clothes, walls and carpet. 

We know how careful you are with your home but if you recently moved to a new place it’s probable...
If your carpet was recently affected by moisture, it probably had mold and we know you did your best getting rid of it but what about that unpleasant smell that stays afterwards? 

As you know that odor could be unsafe to breathe for you and your loved ones That’s why here at Clean Pro in...
Dust is, sadly, everywhere! It’s practically unavoidable. It’s so common that, sometimes, we may not think too much of it and just let it rest upon our furniture and floors for a bit. 

However, dust is made up of a bunch of different potentially harmful substances and microorganisms: like...
There are certain items in our house that we are in constant contact with, that gather a lot of dirtiness which could be harmful for us. This is why it’s important to aim at keeping these things as clean as possible so we can avoid getting sick because of them!

To help you find out which items...
The holidays are gone and they couldn't have been any better! Unfortunately accidents happen and spilled candle wax on your carpet could have been one of them! We know how much you cared about that delicious meal and how much time you spent decorating your home to create the perfect atmosphere,...

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