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The natural function of mold is to break down dead organic matter like leaves and trees. But if it grows in your house, it can trigger allergies and other severe reactions, plus these fungi can ruin your carpet and property.

Fortunately, there is something you can do to avoid it. That’s why at Cleanpro in Cleveland, we tell you a few tips to prevent mold growth in your carpet.

Humidity Control

Remember that mold needs dark and humid conditions to grow. A simple step to prevent it is buying a hygrometer to measure the moisture content in each room - they are easy to use and they are available in every hardware store. In case you have over 60% of moisture, consider getting a dehumidifier to control the environment.

Carpet Padding

Try to choose flat rubber padding when you are installing your carpet. It’s very durable and you can even find it with antimicrobial properties. Although It’s more expensive, it will prevent mold from growing.

Fix Leaks 

The first step to avoid moisture in your house is identifying roof leaks, cracks in windows and door frames or problems with your plumbing. If it’s difficult to find the source, try to contact a professional to assist you.


Regular maintenance and carpet cleaning is necessary to keep your carpet in good conditions. Unfortunately, most carpet cleaning companies use a hot water extraction system that leaves your carpet wet for days - this creates the perfect conditions for bacteria and fungi to grow. Don’t forget this guide to deal with a damp carpet.

Remember that CLEANPRO has an unique system that dries in 1-2 hours, plus it offers you results you won’t find elsewhere. Think about us, next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Cleveland.  To schedule an estimate, please call (330) 657-2113.

Remember “Don’t Steam Your Carpets, CLEAN Your Carpets!”

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