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Carpet Cleaning Concerns and How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help

You may think that air pollution can only be found outdoors, but this is not exactly true. The type of pollution that is found indoors and outdoors may be different but it doesn´t mean it is less. Indoor air pollution includes dirt, dust, allergens, bacteria and other particles that may linger around in the atmosphere of our home. There are several elements that contribute to the air pollution in our homes but the carpet is one of the main sources of contamination because of all the filth it can absorb. That is why today at Cleaveland Cleanpro, we want to talk about the proper carpet care and maintenance that can help reduce the air pollution in your home.

Carpets Can Store and Spread Many Allergens

The allergens that can be stored and spread by a carpet, cause all types of respiratory problems and detriments on your health. A carpet can hold an incredible amount of dust within it, even more than seven times its weight. Imagine how much dust and dirt that is! Now, dirt and dust may not sound all that harmful, but consider the allergens, bacteria and other waste that dirt carries. Environmental contamination has caused the soil to become saturated with heavy metals and other contaminants. Nowadays almost all dirt carries a small amount of metal and toxic products that are no good for our health. Keeping your carpet as clean as possible is not only a matter of appearance, it is also a matter of safety and wellness.

 Why Ion Technology Is the Best and Safest Solution

When cleaning your carpet always consider the type of products you use, as some are made of strong chemicals and toxic materials. Two common substances found in carpet cleaning products are ammonium hydroxide and perchloroethylene. Perchloroethylene is a carcinogen and ammonium hydroxide is highly irritating to the skin, eyes and respiratory tracts. It is best to use more natural carpet cleaners or to make your own on. Remember that for the best and most thorough carpet cleaning solutions you should have your carpet professionally cleaned about twice a year. Professional carpet cleaning companies may be able to help remove the dirt and filth but not all cleaning systems are the same. Some carpet cleaning systems use very harmful substances or dangerous methods that could promote higher levels of bacteria in the long run. At Cleveland Cleanpro, we use advanced cleaning methods that are completely safe and highly effective. The ion exchange process that we use, along with our safe and ecological cleaning formula, allows us to remove all the bacteria and accumulated dirt that may have made its way deep inside the carpet fibers. Contact us now.

Vacuums Can Also Spread Pollutants If Not Properly Maintained

As we mentioned in another post, vacuuming is an important part of regular carpet care. The problem with many vacuums is that although their function is to suction out the dust and absorb it, in the process of doing this they can also help spread the dirt into the air. As the vacuum suctions it pulls up the dirt but only grabs a certain amount of the dirt it pulls up this means that the other particles fall back down or are lifted into the air. For the most part, this is not a problem since it will continue to travel throughout the carpet picking up the rest of the dirt that may fall back down. However, when very fine particles make their way into the air they can contain the bacteria that have formed inside the vacuum by previous dust that was not removed. This air then travels to other parts of the home or surfaces and can continue to drift around.

How to Prevent Your Vacuum From Spreading Dust Particles

Aim to use more effective vacuums that have higher efficiency filters, and do not forget to change the bag. It is imperative that the vacuum bag is changed often as bacteria can accumulate and remain active inside a vacuum bag for up to eight weeks and in some cases even longer. It is also important to change the vacuum filter and carry out regular vacuum maintenance as part of your cleaning duties. This will prevent the vacuum from continuously stirring up all the dirt and dust.

The Best and Most Safe Carpet Cleaning in Peninsula

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