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As mentioned in a previous post, blood is one of those substances you never want to find in your carpet. This is because they have great stainful power and because it means that there was an accident and somebody got hurt. 

So, if a mishap occurs at home, and there’s a bloody mess, Cleanpro Cleveland Professionals will tell you how you can clean your floor up (after you’ve tended to the injury, obviously).

How to Clean Blood Off Your Carpet

Get the Supplies

- Water
- Vinegar
- Dishwashing 
- Soap
- Spray Bottle
- Clean Cloths
- Brush

Mix and Spray!

Move as fast as possible and mix the liquids mentioned above into the spray bottle. Then, spray the result over the affected area. Let it sit for a bit so it can act before moving forward.

Lift the Stain

First, try removing the stain by taking a clean cloth and dab the area repeatedly (careful not to spread the stain further). If that doesn’t work, brush and scrub it to lift the stain.

Repeat if Needed

It’s been already stated that blood can make pretty stubborn stains. So, if after your best efforts, you can still see it on your floor, repeat the last step!

Dry Out

Once you’ve restored your carpet to its original glory, you need to make it dry! Grab a clean cloth and press on the area to remove the excess liquid. Then, give your carpet a rest and ventilate the room properly so your floor can dry completely.

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If after your best efforts, your carpet is still stained, call Cleanpro at (330) 657-2113! We’ll make sure that your carpet is good as new, even after a big mishap has left it seemingly ruined.

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