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 Valentine’s is the ultimate time of the year for chocolate (and we love it for it!). Whether it was gifted by a relative, friend, significant other or by ourselves (because why not?), most of us will be munching on this delicious chocolaty goodness on this day. 

Unfortunately, the consistency and dark color of this treat is sticky and can get everywhere, including your carpet! Having your carpet stained with chocolate can make your head hurt, but the Cleanpro Cleveland Professionals can help make your life sweet again with these tips!

Dealing with Your Chocolate Carpet Problems

Get to it ASAP!

Acting quickly can be the difference between having a dirty carpet forever and actually getting the chocolate off. So, move, move, move!

Remove the Chunks

First thing to do is grab a spoon and carefully get the chocolate off the carpet. Make sure that you’re not spreading the stain further or pressing on the chocolate too hard! 

Cube It

If there are some creamy spots of chocolate still, it’s easier if you harden them with an ice cube to get them out (with the method mentioned in the point above!).

Prepare Your Cleaning Potion

Now you need to get some dishwasher soap, which you’ll mix up with a generous amount of water. This will create a foamy substance that you’ll need to move forward.

Bloat Repeatedly

Here comes the good part! Get some clean cloth, dampen it with the water and soap, and dab the stain until it is no more! Be patient and thorough so you can repeat the process as many times as needed.

Dry it Up!

Finally, you’ve won the war against this chocolaty treat on your floor! All you’ll need to do now is take a dry towel and eliminate any excess liquid. Then, leave the newly clean area to air dry and that’ll be it!

Chocolate is the favorite treat of the season, and with good reason! It’s deliciousness, dark color, and wonderful smell makes us all want to binge on it until we drop. But, if in the process, you accidentally get some on your carpet, you just need to follow the steps in this post and you’ll be set!

If despite all your efforts, you can still see the chocolaty stain standing by, it’s time to call in the big guns! Cleanpro can be of great assistance if you need carpet cleaning in Cleveland! With our help, you’ll make sure that your carpet looks as radiant as ever!

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