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If your carpet was recently affected by moisture, it probably had mold and we know you did your best getting rid of it but what about that unpleasant smell that stays afterwards? 

As you know that odor could be unsafe to breathe for you and your loved ones That’s why here at Clean Pro in Clevelandwe want to help you to get rid of that annoying smell with this small guide we prepared. 

Here's How You Get Rid Of That Annoying Mold Odor

Locate The Area

The first step is finding the affected area and check if it’s still wet. If so, use your vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining moisture. If it’s possible ventilate the area or use fans to direct the smell away from the room.

Use Vinegar

As you know vinegar is versatile and one of its many uses is that it gets rid of odors very easily. It’s so powerful that there are some commercial solutions that use it in their formula. 

Spray the area with vinegar, don’t worry it won't harm your carpet and its strong smell will take care of that musty odor. 

Let It Dry

If you used straight vinegar it should dry fast, but just in case you can aim a fan to the area to dry it faster.

As you can see, removing that mold smell is easier than you think! That way you will avoid all those headaches, allergies and asthma attacks that it could trigger. 

Remember that if you have a stubborn odor or you are just looking for a thorough carpet cleaning in Cleveland, Cleanpro is your best choice! One of the advantages of our unique cleaning system is that it’s guaranteed to be dry in an average of 1-2 hours! For an estimate please call us (330) 657-2113

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