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The holidays are gone and they couldn't have been any better! Unfortunately accidents happen and spilled candle wax on your carpet could have been one of them! We know how much you cared about that delicious meal and how much time you spent decorating your home to create the perfect atmosphere, don't let this small mishap ruin everything. 

But don’t worry! Removing wax from your carpet is easier than you think! That’s why here at Clean Pro in Cleveland we´ve made a quick guide that will help you solve this little problem.

Removing Candle Wax 

What you will need

For this simple method you will need three things: An iron, a brown paper bag and a terrycloth. That’s it!

Get Ready!

So before you start make sure to get all your stuff ready. Set the iron at high and place the towel next to the stain to prevent a further mess.

Brown Bag

Now that you are ready place the brown bag on the stain and put the iron on it. Remember not to use steam! The paper bag will act like a sponge by absorbing the wax. Do it slowly and make sure to move the paper that collected the wax over the towel. Don’t leave the iron on any spot for too long!

Got Stain?

So now that the wax is gone you may find a stain. Fill the area with a carpet cleaning product and put a dry towel on it, once again place the iron to remove any residue. This should take about 15-30 seconds and voilà no more stain!

We hope this guide was useful! Another common accident during this season are chocolate stains so remember to check out our guide. If your carpet needs a more detailed treatment and you are looking for carpet cleaning in Cleveland think about Cleanpro

If you have any inquiries visit our website or you can reach us at (330) 657-2113 where we will be happy to explain you our unique cleaning system!

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