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 Here at Cleanpro in Cleveland, Ohio, we understand how expensive carpet can be. Wall to wall carpet is a big investment for your home and when spot damage occurs, you don't want to replace the whole carpet. If you can't move furniture over it, repair it. Here are some tips on repairing small damages such as burn holes, tears, stains, and fading.

What You Will Need

  • Something heavy to press the patch into the adhesives until dry.
  • Carpet remnant: If your carpet is relatively new, you should have some extra pieces or remnants of it left. If you're not able to find a remnant, cut a piece from the back of a closet or from under a bookcase.
  • Single-sided carpet tape: Be sure to choose the heavy-duty type reinforced with mesh.A carpet cookie cutter, carpet knife or heavy duty utility knife with new blades: If your damaged area is small enough, a cookie cutter is the best tool to use. 
  • A carpet knife makes cleaner cuts than a utility knife, but you can use any one of these tools.
  • A tube of seam adhesive to hold down the edges of the patch.

Cut the Carpet

Cutting a round section of carpet rather than a square will lessen the possibility of the patch piece lifting at the seams and corners. If you do not have a carpet cookie cutter, use a can as a template. Cut around the outside of the can using the carpet knife or utility knife. Try not to cut the padding beneath the backing. Remove the damaged piece. Copy this procedure on the remnant.

Patch the Carpet

Cut the carpet tape to go about 2 inches beyond the edges of the cut-out. Peel the backing from the adhesive side of the tape and carefully place it into the hole, sticky side up. Lay a line of seam adhesive around the inside edges of the hole. Insert the replacement piece making sure the nap and pattern align with the surrounding carpet. Put something heavy on top of the patched area for about 24 hours.

When properly done, a patch on a carpet is invisible and can withstand anything a whole one can. Call the professionals at Cleanpro to work out a cleaning schedule for your carpet. (330) 657-2113 or fill out the form online.

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