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Nothing compares to the feeling of arriving home after a long day, removing your shoes and being welcomed by the amazing underfoot comfort your carpet provides. In return, you only have to take regular care of it.

Removing dust and other particles that can harm your carpet’s fibers is a great step to keeping it tidy and in good condition. However, regular wear and tear and other factors will eventually damage your carpet. For this reason, atCleanpro in Cleveland, we would like to share a few ideas that will help you decide whether you should replace your carpet or not. 


Although most carpets are pre-treated to avoid staining, after a while this protection loses its effectiveness. Also, there are certain types of stains that can permanently damage your carpet and are not covered by your warranty, such as bleach or fertilizers. 


Padding is designed to lessen the impacts that can speed the wear and tear process; in fact, it’s almost as important as the fibers you choose. A great padding also insulates your home and absorbs noise.

Life Span

Perhaps the most noticeable factor in deciding whether to replace your carpet is simply how old it is. Like many other things, your carpet has a limited life span and after 10 years you can see the signs of wear and tear, especially in high foot traffic areas like your staircase or door way. 

Replacing your carpet is expensive so you shouldn’t have any doubts, but if your carpet has one or more of these signs you should consider replacing it. Also, don’t forget to read this post containing useful information on choosing a carpet style that meets your needs. 

Regular care is very important to extend your carpet’s life span, and at CLEANPRO we have a unique system that will amaze you! Our exclusive Ion Exchange Process is biodegradable and leaves no residue that could affect the indoor air quality. This is one of the many reasons to choose us next time you are looking forcarpet cleaning in Cleveland. 

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