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A baby brings joy to every home! Watching them develop into their own little person fills up our lives. However, there are a lot of things to take care of so that s/he can grow strong and healthy! Making sure that everything is as clean as can be is one of them because the baby will be crawling, and getting things into his/her mouth! 

Your carpet, for example, should be spotless. We bring dirt and germs from outside in our shoes, which makes it very unsanitary! Still, you want your baby to be able to move around and learn about the world. So, if you want to disinfect it, the Cleanpro Cleveland Professionals will share with you a few steps to do it easily!

How to Disinfect Your Carpet

Get Your Tools

For this operation, you’re going to need the ultimate cleaning supply: white vinegar. It’s really effective for killing germs and neutralizing bad odors. Other than that, you’ll need a spray bottle, warm water, and a vacuum!

Mix Them Up

Now, you need to prepare the magic solution that will get your carpet sanitized! Take your spray bottle and pour the white vinegar and hot water in it. Shake it well so it’s mixed up!

Spray It Around

Get your spray bottle and mist your carpet enough so that you cover most of it! Just make sure to not go overboard and soak the carpet because this could make the problem worse.

Wait A Bit

For this solution to serve it’s purpose fully, you need to let it settle for around 10 minutes. This will allow it to really grab onto the germs, microbes, and other nasty stuff that’s in your carpet!

Vacuum it Up!

For this next step, you need to get your trusty vacuum out! Go through your carpet a couple of times in a thorough manner. This will extract the liquid (and the germs that come with it) from your floor!

Let it Dry

It’s essential for you to allow the carpet to dry completely before using the area again. Neglecting to do so can result in a humid carpet that’s prone to mold growth! You can speed up the process by turning the fans on, opening up the windows, and letting the air flow.

If You Need Extra Help…

If you want to make extra sure that your carpet is germ-free and spotless, call Cleanpro! We are experts in carpet cleaning in Cleveland and we’ll be sure to let your floors as good as new so that your baby can explore freely!

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