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The snow has arrived to Cleveland! And, while this means fun games and beautiful scenery, it also brings a lot of hassle with it! From cleaning the entryway, to dealing with slippery roads, snow can be a pain!

The thing is, it doesn’t end there. A lot of the time, our house’s cleanliness also ends up being affected by the snow. Your carpet, for example, which does such a great job at keeping your house warm during these colder months, can also suffer the consequences of this pearly white precipitation!

As you’re probably aware, dirt snow, slush and mud is dragged into our house in our shoes so our floors are in grave danger when the snow season hits! From kids running in the house, to stubborn guests who don’t want to be barefoot and dogs that won’t clean their paws (no matter how many times you ask), sometimes you can’t control what comes in your house.

If you need some tips to get your Cleveland home to a squeaky clean state again, your Cleanpro Cleveland Professionals’ got your back! Check out these tips to get dirty snow off your carpet!

To Prevent the Dirty Snow From Creeping In!

Leave Your Shoes at the Door
This is a no-brainer tactic but sometimes, it’s difficult to achieve!

Keep Your Entryways Clean
This can be helpful because at least you won’t be dragging slush in from your driveway!

Vacuum Often
Be sure to keep your house as clean as possible at all times so you can remove the dirt that makes its way in!

Removing Yucky Snow Slush From Your Carpet!

More often than not, no matter how many precautions you take to keep the dirty snow off your house, it’s going to get in. So here are some tips to cleaning the aftermath!

1. If you find slush that’s still alive, make sure you remove the excess snow from your carpet. Then, use a dry cloth so it absorbs some of the wetness.
2. Next, you’ll need a mixture of soap and hot water that you’ll use with a piece of cloth to press the affected area. Repeat as needed!
3. Now it’s time to rinse it with a bit of cold water (careful not to go overboard with it)!
4. Use a towel to dry the excess water!
5. After your carpet dries completely, be sure to vacuum any of the dirt that’s left behind! 

Yes, snow can be difficult to deal with but it covers Cleveland with a beautiful white coating, so we can never be too mad at it. Still, if you want to keep it off your carpet, follow these easy steps and you’ll be sure to have a clean home!

However, if these tips aren’t doing the job, be sure to call your Cleanpro Professionals at 330-657-2113 for all your carpet cleaning in Cleveland! We use a revolutionary method that’s environmentally friendly and that’s safe for your family and pets!

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