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Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on our lives and enjoy our family and friends as well as a delicious dinner. Sadly, in all that movement and hecticness, your carpet may be the one to suffer. Things get dropped, drinks get spilled and carpets take the hit.

We’re told to act quick but when a celebration is going on, the most you can do is clean the excess off and wait until next day to take care of the stain! You’ve worked hard to get your place tidy for the dinner and now the floor is dirty again.

If you’re in this scenario, don’t despair! The Cleanpro Cleveland Professionals are here to make sure your house is good as new with these tips to remove the most stainful substances at Thanksgiving dinner!

Cleaning Up the Thanksgiving Messes!

Grave Gravy
Gravy is delicious and it goes perfectly with turkey and mashed potatoes. Unfortunately, its flavorness comes at a dirty price. If some of it has been dropped on the floor, here’s what you need to do:

1-Use a spoon to remove all the excess gravy.
2-Blot the stain with a clean paper towel or cloth and rubbing oil to remove the oils.
3-Then, with a bit of hot water and vinegar on a clean paper towel or cloth, dab the affected area to lift the stain.
4-If the stain persists follow step number 3 until it’s completely gone.
5-Blot any excess liquid and allow the carpet to dry fully.

Cranberry Craze
Cranberry sauce is not only a Thanksgiving must, it’s also a treat for the taste buds and to the eyes with its beautiful coloring. Which makes its staining power all the more destructive!

1-Scoop up any excess sauce to prevent it from staining your carpet further.
2-Next, mix dishwashing soap and cool water and use a clean cloth to dab it on the stain.
3-Blot until the stain is no longer there or until you see that it’s not being absorbed anymore.
4-Dab with a dry towel to get all the moisture out and let it dry!

Wine Disaster
Red wine makes Thanksgiving perfect. Our Pinot Noir compliments and brings out the flavor of turkey and it relaxes us a bit during this hectic night. Nonetheless, stress ensues when we accidentally spill on the carpet!

1-Blot, blot blot! At the moment of the accident, use cloth to remove any excess wine and keep it from settling it in or expanding more.
2-If you’re not going to attend the spillage immediately, use salt to prevent it from staining further.
3-Mix warm water, dishwashing soap and vinegar. Dab the stain with a clean paper towel and see it being absorbed by the towel.
4-Go in with cold water and blot the area again.
5-With a new paper towel, dab it dry!

Thanksgiving Day has passed and it has left a mark in our lives, and a more literal one in our carpets! To keep them from lurking around, follow these steps and make your home and floors squeaky-clean again! This way, you’ll only be left with good memories from your Thanksgiving dinner!

If the stains cling on despite your best efforts and you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Cleveland, call (330) 657-2113 so the Cleanpro Cleveland Professionals can eliminate the stain invaders forever! 

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