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Factors That  Contribute to Carpet Wear

The carpet in your house can be the center of attention when someone walks in. This is why it is vital to keep it clean and in good shape. However, as we have mentioned before, it takes more than just regular vacuuming to keep your carpet looking good and feeling great. One reason why this is true is because it is more than just dirt and dust that affect your carpet. In fact, there are several factors and quite a few elements that can contribute to the wearing out of your carpet. Today we want to briefly explain some of these factors and how you can best deal with them or at least minimize their effects so your carpet can last longer and look better.

Dirt and Dust Affect Your Carpet

Dirt and dust are some of the elements that most regularly affect your carpet. Dirt and dust accumulate every day, piling up in the carpet fibers. If the carpet is not regularly vacuumed, the dirt will sink in and continue to build up, causing a release of dust particles every time there is movement on the carpet fibers. The best way to stay on top of the dirt and dust that accumulate in your carpet is to have a vacuuming routine that you stick to. On top of that, it is also important to prevent and avoid additional dirt and gunk from being absorbed into the carpet. One way to do this is by encouraging guests and family members to not walk onto the carpet with street shoes on.

Stains are Leading Culprits of Carpet Wear

Second on the list of things that really ruin how well your carpet looks and how long it lasts are stains and spills. Accidents are always bound to happen, but sometimes they occur more regularly, especially when there are small kids or pets in the house. In this case, stains can really build up and cause a problem. Some stains are worse than others. For example, urine stains are not only unsightly, but they cause a pungent odor in your home that is sometimes hard to get rid off. Some stains can be removed easily if treated immediately with water and a washcloth, but most carpets, especially those that have had a few years of use, can have quite a collection of stains. The most efficient, time-effective, and productive solution is to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least twice a year. This is especially necessary if your carpet tends to suffer regular accidents and mishaps. Having your carpet professionally cleaned not only protects it from stains that can become a real nuisance over the years, but it also helps remove more profound dirt and gunk that may stain your carpet over the years. This kind of preventive and deep cleaning maintenance is necessary for all carpets regardless of how many stains or spills your carpet faces. It can be especially useful in improving the appearance and durability of stained carpets.

Reliable Carpet Care for All Cases

Cleveland Cleanpro offers the best and most reliable carpet cleaning services for your home. They will work to help you keep your carpet in top shape, extending its durability and enhancing its appearance. Their amazing Cleanpro System is not only great for keeping your carpet at its best, it is also incredibly safe for you and your family. Contact them today at (330) 657-2113 and let them take care of the rest when it comes to carpet maintenance and care.  To learn more about professional carpet cleaning and how to tell if your carpet is way beyond repair, read our previous post here.

Constant Traffic on Your Carpet Can Lead to Wear and Deterioration

Traffic is another big factor that can deteriorate and wear out your carpet. The more people that step on your carpet or the more people walking over it, the more it gets worn out. The carpet fibers get deteriorated and lose their resiliency so they start to look old and lose their appeal. One good way to minimize these effects is to switch your furniture around a few times a year. This will help wear get evened out throughout different parts and it can even help prolong the life of your carpet.

The Most Efficient Carpet Cleaning Services in Hudson

The best way to ensure you protect and care for your carpet is to perform regular maintenance. Make this easier with the help of a professional carpet cleaning services. Contact Cleveland Cleanpro today at (330) 657-2113 and let your carpet recieve the best care and maintenace today.

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