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There are certain items in our house that we are in constant contact with, that gather a lot of dirtiness which could be harmful for us. This is why it’s important to aim at keeping these things as clean as possible so we can avoid getting sick because of them!

To help you find out which items they are so you can act on them, the Cleanpro Cleveland Professionals will give you a list! This way, you’ll be able to keep an eye on them and be more conscious of when was the last time you cleaned them!

5 Items to Keep Really Clean


It may be gross to think about, but the food you clean off your plate with your sponge gets stuck in there and rots. Yup, it’s disgusting. So you’re basically cleaning the dishes (which you use for eating) with moldy food. Change your sponges or make sure to thoroughly clean them often!

Bed Linens

You spend a third of your day lying down in bed. You drool, sweat and transmit all the dirt you gathered throughout the day into it. Keep your bed dresses clean so you can sleep comfortably and keep the creepy microorganisms away.


When you’re fresh clean out of the shower, the last thing you want is to wrap your body in a blanket of bacteria. Towels are in contact with your skin to dry you off and then they’re left in a humid spot where they become a house for microbes. Make sure you wash them often!


You step on it every day with your dirty shoes, and all that filth gets trapped in there! A nasty carpet is unsanitary because it’s the perfect place for promoting the growth of harmful beings like bacteria, mold, mites, etc! Vacuum daily to avoid them as much as possible! 

Cell Phone

Think about it: your cell phone floats around in your purse or your pocket with all the dirt in there. Then, you rest it on tables and other surfaces with questionable cleanliness, to later bring it in direct contact with your face! Wipe it with disinfectant sheets to maintain it spotless!

Obviously, you should try keeping everything as clean as possible. Nonetheless, there are items that can harvest more bacteria and that we use often. By keeping them clean, you’re less likely to get sick or have nasty rashes, infections, etc.!

As far as the carpet goes, you know you can count on the Cleanpro Professionals to provide deep carpet cleaning in Cleveland! This way, you’ll be sure that your carpet has been stripped of all of the harmful substances in them!

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