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Deciding to Carpet the Stairs or Not?

Most homes have carpet in different areas of the house but not in all places. The stairs, for example, are an area that may or may not have carpet. There are both downsides and upsides to having carpeted stairs. Today we want to share some information to help you decide what is best for your house and your needs.

Carpeting the Stairs Can Enhance Your Interior

Carpeting the stairs can give your home a certain feel and look of comfort that makes certain areas appear cozy. Carpeting the stairs can also give your home a more personalized look. There is more variety in carpet colors than there tends to be for hardwood floors. The type and tone of carpet can be selected to match the decor of your home. In fact, many hardwood floors are carpeted to enhance the interior design of the house. By adjusting the carpet tone and style to match that of your furniture, curtains, wall colors, and decorations, you can give your entire home space a more different look. If you are looking to carpet your stairs make sure you select the right carpet. Shop around and find out what it is you want. You can click here to read our tips on how to select the right carpet.

Keeping Carpeted Stairs Clean Can Be a Little Tricky

One problem that does tend to present itself is the fact that, at first, it can be difficult to get used to vacuuming and cleaning the stairs. It may appear to be a tricky or more challenging to clean and vacuum the carpeted stairs than to mop and sweep them, but it also has a lot to do with the type of vacuum you use. If your vacuum has attachments and other tools, it may not be so hard to suction out the dirt and keep that area clean. It may take a little while to get used to it, but just make sure you are patient and can carefully vacuum those areas carefully.

Keeping Your Carpeted Stairs Clean

With practice, it becomes less of a hassle to vacuum and clean carpeted stairs, yet it may still be a hard to clean area. That is why it is important to make sure that you have your carpet professionally cleaned as part of your seasonal cleaning routine and that extra attention is placed on the carpeted stairs. Not all professional cleaning companies offer the same care and cleaning quality in these tougher areas. Make sure you choose a carpet cleaning company that you can rely on. At Cleveland Cleanpro, they know how to truly care for your carpet. They offer the best carpet cleaning solutions for your home. Click here to contact them right now and allow them to simplify your carpet cleaning routine.

Stairs with Carpet Are Less Slippery and Tend to Be Safer

There are several reasons why some prefer to have carpeted stairs. Sure, many times it has to do with style and preference, but other times it has to do with safety. The truth is that carpeted stairs are much safer than hardwood stairs which can be quite slippery.  The carpet provides a more rugged surface that makes it less smooth and harder to slip on. Not only can carpeted stairs prevent slips and falls, they also provide a more cushioned and soft area that can act as a shock-absorbing material. This helps diminish the effects of a fall.

Hazards of Carpeted Stairs

Although carpeted stairs do provide a certain safety, it is incredibly important to keep the carpet on the stairs in great condition and well maintained at all times. Carpeted stairs can become a hazard if the carpet is in bad shape. Yes, the carpet on the stairs can create the right amount of friction to prevent you from easily slipping, however, it can also present other problems. For example, a few loose strings can get caught on your shoe and cause you to trip. Also, any area that becomes worn out and loses adherence can lift up and become a tripping hazard. That is why it is necessary to always inspect and care for a carpeted stairs with more rigor than other areas.

Carpet Cleaning in Brecksville for Every Carpeted Area of Your Home

Whether you have carpet on your stairs or have been considering carpeting the stairs, make sure you take the proper precautions when caring for it. Never neglect that area of your carpet or any other area for that matter. Always ensure that your carpet stays clean and safe with the help of Cleveland Cleanpro's amazing cleaning system. The ion-exchange process that they use will care for your carpet in a gentle yet extremely efficient manner. Call them today at (330) 657-2113 or fill out this form to contact them right now.

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