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How to Care for Your Vacuum and Your Carpet

Your vacuum is one of the most important cleaning tools for your carpet and it needs to be at its best in order to help keep your carpet in a good state. If your vacuum is not properly working you will definitely struggle to clean your carpet and it will be difficult to keep up with your entire cleaning routine. Therefore, the last thing you want is your vacuum not working or completely breaking down. Regular maintenance and some extra precautions can your vacuum last a long time and perform at its best. That is why today at Cleveland Cleanpro we want to share some important vacuum maintenance advice that can also improve your carpet cleaning.

Vacuuming is an Important Part of Carpet Cleaning but Your Carpet Still Needs More

We had previously shared some essential vacuuming tips to facilitate the cleaning of your carpet. There we mentioned that at the very least you should vacuum three times a week. Keeping this in mind you can see how often and how much your vacuum is used. However, even regular vacuuming and constant spot cleaning will not entirely remove all the dirt and gunk that tends to accumulate and deeply sink into your carpet. That is why your carpet needs professional maintenance that is efficient. The Cleanpro system is the most efficient and effective way to completely clean your carpet. It will help your carpet stay clean for longer and will reduce the workload and strain on your vacuum. Helping both your carpet and your appliances last longer and in much better conditions. Contact us now, and experience the many advantages of the top quality carpet cleaning service.

Get to Know Your Vacuum

Since your vacuum is an essential appliance and most carpet owners depend on it greatly, it is very important that you treat it with care. You should try to spend at least a few minutes to become familiar with all its parts. There are many more sections and minor parts than what you may be aware of. All these pieces even the small ones play a role in the performance of the vacuum.

Never Neglect Cleaning out the Vacuum Bag

Most vacuums have a bag or another type of section that is either disposable or can be taken out and cleaned. That section is where all the dirt, debris and other particles that are suctioned out of the carpet are kept. In the majority of vacuums, it tends to be a bag. This bag fills up with all the dirt from the carpet and needs to be replaced. It is easy to think that you can wait until it becomes completely full to replace it. The truth is, that this is not a very good idea. It is best to not ever let it get more than three-quarters full because if you do, your vacuum will lose efficiency. Several things can happen, normally it will  have a very hard time removing the dirt or it can even start to spit out dirt that it had previously picked up. Its best not to find out because it will greatly complicate your vacuuming efforts. Basically, changing the bag or whatever else your vacuum has as a deposit, should be your top priority. How often you need to change it will depend on a lot of things, but it is best to consult the owner´s manual and learn of any other things that your specific vacuum model may need.

Other Precautions You Should Take

  • Always turn off the vacuum to do any type of maintenance care.
  • Never allow the filter to get too full because it can also make your vacuuming efforts useless.
  • Remember to open up and clean out the floorhead of your vacuum, so it can continue to absorb the dirt correctly.
  • Be cautious with the cord. Do not jank on it or try to pull it past its length. Avoid tangling it and leaving it in knots or in a bad state.
  • Immediately remove threads or pieces of anything that may seem to be getting stuck on your vacuum. It is best to remove any potential risks such as coins, fabric pieces, or other items off the floor before vacuuming

Take Care of Your Carpet With Help From the Best Carpet Cleaning Professionals in Hudson

Both your vacuum and your carpet deserved to be treated well. Maintenace and professional care can definately define the wellness of your house. So, do not wait any longer and start caring for your carpet the best way with the help of Cleveland Cleanpro. Call us today at (330) 657-2113.  

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