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A clean looking carpet is essential to maintain a balanced and wholesome office space or household. It can really say a lot about your company or family, so when a spill happens upon our beloved (but difficult to clean) carpet, it’s no wonder that we cry, anger and assign blame of the terrible misfortune.

But BEWARE! There are some substances out there that make the task of getting things back to normal even more difficult for you to do on your own! Watch out for these and make sure to act fast upon encountering them in your carpet!

1. Blood

Nobody likes it, but accidents happen. A cut or fall can result in an injury that not only hurts, but that can stain your carpet forever. Make sure you, your family or co-worker are ok and then concentrate on getting this seemingly perpetual stain off your carpet.

2. Mustard

Imagine this: a hotdog in a hot bun with just the right amount of ketchup, mayo, and mustard. Reads deliciously, doesn’t it? Still, having to deal with it with our hands makes everything messy and accident prone. Sooner or later, toppings may start to fall out, and with it, a frightening drop of mustard has now stained the carpet.  

3. Coffee

Yes, mornings are tough. We need coffee! It’s the fuel that keeps us going. Nonetheless, in those states of slumber before fully waking up, a stumble can cause a clean looking carpet to suddenly become repulsive. And good luck cleaning that up too! Coffee holds on to your carpet like superglue!

4. Ink

At work, we’re running around, going from one place to another. In all of this hecticness, there’s no time to stop. But as fate would have it, your pen starts to malfunction and it decides that letting it all out on the carpet is the best way to go. Not only is it a pain because you were counting on that pen to keep with your day, but the stain it created is really difficult to remove!

5. Kool Aid

If you have kids in your house, you know two things: they love playing and they love kool aid. In this scenario, the probability of Kool Aid staining your carpet increases. But not just that, other heavily colored substances can also leave a lasting print in your carpeted floors. Nothing says dirty like a carpet filled with unintentional colored spots!

The lesson to be learned here is: if it looks like it may stain bad, it probably does. The sight of any of these elements in your carpet can cause stress and panic but keep calm! Your Cleveland Cleanpro Professional, can take care of your stain problems in no time! With the use of our environmentally friendly and safe cleaning method, your carpet will be good as new in no time!

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