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Think about your day for a minute; you wake up, go to work, visit the grocery store and many other activities that take place in public places. Do you know how clean they are? Your shoes will collect all the germs from the streets, you will bring them home and they’ll probably end up on your carpet. 

Your carpet requires constant care and wearing shoes isn’t the most ideal scenario. That’s why, at Cleanpro in Cleveland, we tell you a few alternatives. 


The most obvious option would be going barefooted around your house. However, your skin produces oil that will attract debris that can damage the carpet’s fibers. A great solution is to wear socks or slippers.

Be Prepared

Make sure to have a place at the entrance of your home where you can place your slippers and shoes - removing your footwear after a long day will also help you relax.

Your House, your Rules

However, this rule can make your guests uncomfortable; smelly feet or holes in the socks can be the main reasons. Remember to tell your visitors beforehand about your boundaries and have a pair of slippers ready for them.  

Removing your shoes before entering your home is the safest bet to keep your carpet in perfect conditions and germ free. Also, remember these ten tips to protect your carpets. 

Don’t forget that professional carpet cleaning is recommended at least twice a year. However, beware of those companies that use the same ineffective method: steam cleaning. At Cleanpro, our special ion exchange process combines different sciences to deliver incredible results, using very little moisture. 

For this and many other reasons, choose us next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Cleveland, and remember, “Don’t Steam Your Carpets, CLEAN Your Carpets!”.

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