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Whether you have an old carpet that needs to be replaced or are thinking about adding carpet to an uncarpeted area, consider the following tips before getting started.

Things to Consider Before Shopping for a New Carpet

Carpet is a basic part of your home; it affects the decor, the feel of your house, and the functionality of your place. Since it is such an important part of your house, it is important to choose the right carpet and take proper care of it. That is why today we want to share some advice in regards to what you should be looking at and considering before you go shopping for a new carpet.

Time to Replace the Carpet?

If you already have carpet, you will want to first determine whether the current carpet needs to be replaced or restored. There are certain types of carpet that are long-lasting and can be restored or professionally cleaned to have them look almost new in no time. However, even the best and most durable carpets do eventually need replacing. Normally, carpets last around 5-10 years but very high quality carpets that receive exceptional care may last up to 15 years before it is necessary to replace them.

Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

When deciding whether to restore a carpet or replace it, it is important that you distinguish between a carpet that just looks excessively filthy or stained and one that is truly deteriorated. Having your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis can help you determine whether your carpet is just filthy or is old and deteriorated. Cleveland Cleanpro is your best option for incredible carpet cleaning results. Their outstanding Cleanpro system and formula can have even the dirtiest carpets looking good in no time. Do not let a perfectly good carpet go to waste because of dirt, stains, and filth. Avoid factors that contribute to carpet deterioration and contact the experts today at (330) 657-2113 so you can and get a professional opinion before having your carpet replaced.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Carpet

  • What area will your carpet be placed in? This is important for two main reasons: the carpet style and its use. What area you will place the carpet in will help you determine a lot of things. When it comes to the use, you need to consider the space and area.  For example, it isn't the same thing to pick out a carpet for your living room as it is to pick one out for your bedroom. This is mainly comes down to the foot traffic and amount of use it gets. The living room carpet will get a lot more use and foot traffic coming in while the bedroom carpet will rarely experience rough use or foot traffic. Also, if you are looking to carpet the stairs, there is a whole set of other things to consider, so be sure to read the advice provided here in our previous post.
  • Consider the furniture and color of the room as well as lighting. If it is an empty area that you are thinking about remodeling, then you can choose the carpet color you like and then base everything else, like the furniture and paint color, around that. However, when you already have furniture and other items for the space, you need to base your carpet choice on what you have so that things match. Try the same colors in lighter shades. Be careful though and consider your lifestyle, how much effort you can put into keeping it clean, and how likely it is to stay that way. You don't want to end up with white carpet when you have pets or kids that will immediatly make it look gray. When in doubt choose neutral colors that tend to dissimulate dirt. For more home decor tips and ideas for choosing the right color for your space, visit the Happily Ever After Blog and read their article on picking a color palette for your home.
  • Carpet manufacturing style. There are two main types of carpet manufacturing: those manufactured by sewing the carpet fibers back into the material to create fiber loops and those created when the loops are cut, known as cut pile or plush. There are four main types of carpet plush. Smooth is the most common one and is also referred to as Saxony. This type of carpet has a smooth and short appearance that is uniform and more formal. Shag is an opposite style to this which created with longer more shaggy-looking fibers that give the carpet a very comfortable and casual look. To learn more about the types of carpets available, check out this helpful visual guide from Luna flooring options.

Help Your Carpet Stay New and Last Longer with Professional Carpet Cleaning in Summit County

No matter what type of carpet you choose, if you want it to last, make sure that you take proper care of it from the beginning. Vacuum it regularly, deal with spills immediately, and have it professionally cleaned at least once a year. Help your new carpet stay in great shape and protect your investment with the help of Cleveland Cleanpro. Contact them now at (330) 657-2113.

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